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One Cube Technologies is an application development service provider dedicated to helping you enhance your business with custom software solutions. The company was founded in 2015, and our expert staff has 12 years of experience in application development for a variety of industries, including medical, aviation, insurance, real estate, eCommerce, and education.
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Development Process

The development process ensures that the product achieves its desired goals.


Gather Requirements

Gathering requirements helps clarify the vision for the application. It involves several interviews, meetings, and questionnaires to get to the core of what is the desired outcome. We observe the current business processes and figure out ways to automate it. After understanding the concept, we put together a proposal and make sure that all interested parties are in agreement.


Once we have the project requirements, it’s time to begin planning out the development by creating user stories and tasks for the project. We create these based on the current state of the project and the desired outcome. We also create an approximate timeline of the project based on the created user stories and tasks. Using this timeline and project plan we present a macro view of the project, and what it would take to bring the project to completion.



At this point, we have a solid idea of what we need to achieve and how we are planning on achieving it. Now we create several designs for the application which gives us the view and the scope of the project. Application designs are sketched out by UI/UX designer that focuses on the usability of the application. Application architecture is designed by a senior level developer that focuses on and the stability, security, and performance of the application. These assets are essential to making sure that the application has a strong foundation.


Once you have your project designs ready, it’s time to begin developing the product based on user stories, tasks, and designs. This is where we generally start the development of the application and start writing the code. The code is continuously tested and tweaked to remove any bugs and ensure that the functionality is working as desired. Once the developers are satisfied, we test with beta users to attain feedback and make additional modifications.



Now it is time to do full testing of the final version of the product. This version of the product will be used in the real world and many people may depend on it, so it is important and it can reveal flaws before the product goes into full use. During the final testing of the product, we set up an environment for temporary inputs, the product is tested with both good and bad inputs along with a high quantity of inputs over time to see how well it does in the various situation. After successful testing, a version is released for business use.

Carrying out these steps ensures your project has every chance of achieving a successful outcome.

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